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FNT Software for Cable Management & Telecom

FNT Software for Cable Management & Telecom

Enabling digital transformation

FNT Telco Solutions make it easy for service providers in the telecommunications industry to solve their specific challenges. They automate and streamline business processes for maximum efficiency. Process automation is one of the most important levers a service provider can use to meet both customer needs and internal requirements.

The advantages of FNT software for your cable management & telecom network

Reduce operating costs
Reduce operating costs

The integrated FNT Command product suite allows you to operate complex, heterogeneous network infrastructures more efficiently. All cable and network information is linked via the comprehensive data model and can be instantly evaluated. In addition to providing optimum planning support, this makes it possible to locate and correct errors more quickly when incidents occur.

Control over network resources and costs
Control over network resources and costs

Optimal evaluation of all existing data as a decision-making aid gives you an overview of the physical network all the way through to the services. You can evaluate and plan the wiring of cables to services across all layers, while staying in control of network resources and the associated costs at all times.

Comprehensive and fast planning
Comprehensive and fast planning

FNT Command's comprehensive, sophisticated planning functions allow you to achieve faster, consistent planning and documentation. Graphical georeferenced representations of networks, signal tracing, and auto-routing, plus an integrated change management process for handling all changes, help to facilitate routine tasks.

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FNT Software Solutions for Communication Service Providers and Telecom Operators

Ensuring bandwidth and accessibility are mission-critical but becoming increasingly difficult to deliver. Advancements in technology are accelerating, putting pressure on carriers to quickly adapt to a changing ecosystem. Significant change drivers are at play in the market - mobile 5G, fiber rollouts, network transformation, automation – that intensify the need for carriers to evolve their infrastructure. Doing so is vital for enabling the Future Mode of Operation (FMO) of both physical and virtualized networks and services.


Carriers must master these change drivers to give customers the competitive speeds and advanced digital services they want, and to deliver stakeholders the profitability they expect. Legacy OSS/BSS simply can’t handle today’s requirements. Meeting customer needs, generating revenue and increasing productivity in a digitally transforming world requires a modern and future-proof ICT infrastructure. Upgrading network infrastructure is the key to deploying the new technologies required for the digital future.


Frequently asked questions

With the net spider schematic net overviews can be created on the basis of the live data from the command. Total overviews of the nets and zones can be created, which can be linked to each other. Due to the intuitive operation, the relevant information is displayed within a short time.

With Command you have the possibility to output the data of devices, cables and services in various formats at any time. Supported formats are currently Excel, CSV and PDF. Using standardized interfaces, the data can also be exported to another system at any time for further processing.

Planning logs are created in Command in which all changes in the network are logged. It is possible to switch between the actual and planning views at any time. These planning logs and reservations make it possible for several users to create plans simultaneously in the same network and eliminate collisions and duplications.