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FNT Software for Data Center

FNT Software for Data Center

Your data center always at a glance

Modern infrastructures are transforming into a complex mix of hybrid resources. While new tools are needed to manage these complex hybrid digital infrastructures, DCIM remains a core function that will always be required to keep track of and manage your data center.

The benefits of FNT software for your data center.


A single system of record for the entire data center physical inventory, IT assets, and network resources, providing complete visibility across all system resources. All data is stored in an integrated data model that makes it accessible for planning processes and available for analysis and reporting. Access to this data enables faster impact analysis, shorter troubleshooting times and lower operating costs.


Improve space, power, and cooling requirements on-site, at edge locations, in colocation spaces, and in distributed IT/networking spaces. Know what is being used and where to reclaim lost capacity and avoid unused capacity.

Process Reduction
Process Reduction

Gain access to comprehensive information about daily data center processes. Whether managing an ongoing data center, consolidating multiple data centers or setting up a new data center, detailed space and capacity planning must be performed before any changes can be made. FNT supports the management of all standard moves, adds and changes for IT and building facilities.

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FNT software solutions for your data center

For a company to use information effectively, it relies on an extensive and growing range of IT services. These services are controlled by data centers.

DFNT's Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution is a central resource management and optimization software for the data center. It covers the documentation, planning and management of all data center resources and facilities throughout their lifecycle.


Organizations using FNT's DCIM software are able to streamline processes and optimize the use of building infrastructure (power, cooling, floor space), IT infrastructure (networks, servers, storage), connectivity (cables, patches) and services (software, applications). It also enables the management of warranty and SLA information, as well as the allocation of ownership and usage rights to equipment. This complete overview of the system landscape allows managers to make informed decisions and the operations team to establish efficient processes.


Frequently asked questions

Many things can be mapped in Visio. Unfortunately, a lot of information is missing. Some questions that a Visio cannot answer: "Which cards are installed?", "Where does the RJ45 Cat. 8 cable go?", "How many kilograms of weight do I have installed in the rack per m2?" In FNT Datacenter Capacity Management you will find the answers.

Today, a data center can usually no longer be run by just one person. There are different teams and different stakeholders. FNT Datacenter Capacity Management visualizes and simplifies the planning and development of your data center at the push of a button, avoiding overlaps or collisions. Reports are generated at the push of a button: "What has been planned?", "How has my data center changed over time and how will it still change?".

The question can be answered similarly to "Why do I need a printer?" The answer: "It's easier, faster and better than writing by hand." It's the same with data center connectivity management. Here, key questions are answered such as, "Where does my RJ45 cable go?", "Which ports on my patch panel are reserved, occupied, free or go to the next building?", "Is the installed fiber cable an OM3 or an OM4 and does it belong in a SAN or in an IP network?" With Datacenter Connectivity Management, you have end-to-end control of your network without going through complicated documentation or trying to remember the standard.